About Us

Shortly before the 2016 presidential election, Libby Chamberlain, a mother of two in Maine, created a secret Facebook Group called Pantsuit Nation. The original intent was to support Hillary Clinton and share photos of women wearing pantsuits in her honor. While the group is only accessible by personal invitation, it quickly grew to several million members. When Clinton lost the election, the group quickly became a place for her supporters to share their personal stories of loss, fear and hope. The group became a sort of safe support group, particularly for people whose Facebook feeds and real lives were filled with Donald Trump supporters. The group continued to grow and many local chapters emerged, including Pantsuit Nation: San Diego.

While Chamberlain will continue to lead Pantsuit Nation as a safe place for personal storytelling, several affiliated groups dedicated to grassroots political action grew out of local Pantsuit Nation chapters, including Together We Will.

Together We Will is committed to maintaining and defending the equal rights and civil liberties of every person in the United States. We actively support our communities in need through peaceful activism, direct volunteer work, amplifying marginalized voices and community support. We hold our local, state, and federal officials accountable in their service to the people of the United States of America.

Together, we will bring about a kind and loving nation that is part of a thriving, healthy planet on which every person is supported in their ways of life and efforts to follow their dreams without fear, hate, discrimination or prejudice standing in their way.

Our Focus

Mobilize Locally

Provide a safe, supportive forum to enable political and grassroots activism in San Diego

Empower Progressive Leaders

Support local, state and federal elected officials who share our mission and vision, and oppose those who do not.


Amplify Local Voices

Support San Diego-area groups and organizations that share our mission and vision